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Puppy-Adult Dog Play

Oftentimes when you adopt a very young puppy and you have an older dog, you worry about the older dog tolerating and not hurting the puppy.  While puppies are, frankly speaking, a bit of a nuisance for older dogs, with a little bit of time, they will adjust to each other and even become fast […]

Harness vs. Collar

While I always desired the discipline and control that a general slip/martingale/choke collar offered, I was always looking for different solutions that would not “go around the neck” but would still enable me to have the same control over my dogs and those of my clients.    While smaller dogs are easier to control and you see more […]

Dog Park Etiquette/Rules

Is there such a thing as Dog Park Etiquette? Perhaps, but more importantly there are things that should never be done to ensure safety and fun times for all!

Leash Aggression

Leash aggression is a prevalent problem in dogs, especially ones that are rescued.  Leash aggression is usually associated with fear, rather than dominance.  Most dogs that have been abused by people and/or have gotten into a fight off or on leash with another dog will most likely begin to exhibit fear aggression when they are […]

Why doesn’t my Dog Listen?! Help for Doggie Amnesia.

It is very frustrating for owners when their pets won’t listen to basic commands, like “sit”, especially when you know they know what you are saying!  I hate to be blunt, but the reason this happens is because your dog doesn’t respect you and/or is afraid.  Dogs that don’t perceive their owners as leaders (alpha) […]

The Doggie Blues: Separation Anxiety Causes and Treatment

      “I came home today and found that Buddy has urinated and defecated all over my carpet, or… my sweet 40lb Lola ripped through a metal crate and ate my sofa, or…my neighbor could hear Lou howling all day while I was gone…”  When the phone rings and I hear complaints like these […]