Puppy-Adult Dog Play

Oftentimes when you adopt a very young puppy and you have an older dog, you worry about the older dog tolerating and not hurting the puppy.  While puppies are, frankly speaking, a bit of a nuisance for older dogs, with a little bit of time, they will adjust to each other and even become fast friends!

Normal behavior:

  • Puppy following the older dog around constantly
  • Puppy cuddling with the older dog
  • Older dog trying to get away 🙂
  • Older dog growling or barking when the puppy gets too frisky

As I said, initially the older dog may be extremely annoyed at this little thing climbing all over his head and body and he may want to play/interact with the puppy, like a dog of equal size; however within a very short period of time, the play should adjust accordingly.  The puppy will be more confident in playing with the older, larger dog and the older dog will adjust the  play to not hurt the puppy.

Occasional growling/barking at the puppy is normal and will occur, because the puppy will do everything in his/her power to annoy:) the older dog. However, if the older dog is lunging or tries to bite the puppy or visibly hurt it, then there is a problem and I would recommend getting a trainer to come and see if the behavior is correctable.

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