Harness vs. Collar

While I always desired the discipline and control that a general slip/martingale/choke collar offered, I was always looking for different solutions that would not “go around the neck” but would still enable me to have the same control over my dogs and those of my clients.    While smaller dogs are easier to control and you see more of them in harnesses, I have found that the solution can also work for larger breeds that are harder to handle.  I found the Premier Pet Easy Walk Harness to be a great solution.  While it may take a while for dogs to get used to them I find that it has two benefits: 1).  The leash clips in the front in a martingale fashion which instantly controls the dog’s pulling; 2.) Dogs that have leash aggression issues actually feel less threatened (defensive) while wearing the harness than a typical collar.  While it may take a while for your dog to get used to wearing a harness, I do believe that it is a great alternative for a collar, without loosing the benefit of being able to control your dog.

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