Dog Park Etiquette/Rules

 All dogs can misbehave, especially when there are a lot of them and the space is running out…however, there are some basic DON’Ts that I wish I could scream at the top of my lungs when I am there and I see them happening.  Namely:

  • Don’t ever keep your dog on a leash when at the dog park.   This is the surest way to start a dog fight.  When all the other dogs swarm to smell the dog on the leash, he/she will become fearful and may strikeout at one of the dogs and start chaos.
  • Don’t let your dog hump other dogs.  While this may be a natural way to show dominance in a pack it may lead to a scuffle if it is not controlled by the owner.
  • Don’t allow your dog to get bullied.  When your dog is consistently under the bench barring teeth and growling profusely…it is time to step in.  In nature this dog would have a difficult time surviving, but since we have domesticated these animals and no longer allow Darwinisim at it’s best, I would step in and help.  You helping your dog will  build trust between the two of you and believe it or not it can build your dog’s confidence.

And lastly, don’t bring children into the dog park.  It is a colossal mistake to bring in a baby or toddler into the dog park.  It is asking for trouble.  Dogs view children as weak and they may play bite, or even attack a child that is not being watched.  In order to avert the possibility of this happening it is best not to bring children into the dog park.  To be safe I would say the child should be at least a teenager and have no fear of dogs when entering the dog park.  If a child is afraid, the dogs can  sense that and the child becomes even more of a target.

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